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Our first and most important purpose is to serve our clients at the highest level. We created this portal with this aim in mind, focusing on the most frequently asked questions and possible experienced problems. Our staff tries to answer your question as fast as possible, let it be membership issues or technical troubles. However, we would like to call your attention to this collection of the most common queries where you might find quick help by yourself as well.
Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions
  1. What formats are your videos in?
    In general, our videos are encoded in the following formats: - DivX/AVI - WMV - MPG all of which are Fully Downloadable with No Restrictions. Our newer videos also have a streaming Flash version in. This is of course not downloadable, but is great for "instant action" or to check out the video before you decide to start downloading the full, high-quality version.
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  2. Do your videos stream?
    Yes, we have Flash Video, which does stream in your browser. The quality of these clips is not as good as some of our other formats, but they are definitely excellent for getting "instant action" and are also great for checking out the video in question before you decide to download the large files.

    If you start to just view the video in your video player, it will usually work (depending on the file format and the player you are using), but you will be potentially staring at a blank screen for 10 minutes until the video downloads fully and finally starts playing. Also, the video will be downloaded to your hard drive anyway by your player, except that in this case it will be deleted automatically after you play it and close your player. Therefore, you might as well save it to your hard drive yourself - this way you can view it at any time and as many times as you want in the future without having to wait for the download ever again, save it away in a folder on your computer for a rainy day, or even burn it to DVD and start building up a small collection of our material (we have absolutely no problem with this, as long as it's for personal use ONLY).

    So, right click on the link to the video you wish to download/view, then click "save link as..." or "save link target as..." (depending on your browser), and save the disk to wherever you wish on your hard drive. When the download has finished, find the file in the location you saved it to and play it with the media player of your choice (depending on file type etc.).

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  3. What browser should I use to view your site(s)?
    Some browsers are not compatible with our sites. This is especially true for the AOL browser.
    If you're using an incompatible browser, then you may experience various problems, such as pages opening very slowly, browsing and navigation of the site being extremely tedious, thumbnails appearing to be missing, pictures not opening up and enlarging and a whole host of similar, very annoying issues.
    To get the best and most problem-free experience from our sites, we recommend either using Internet Explorer (the browser that comes with Windows, so this is the easy option, and you can get the latest version here: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/downloads/ie/getitnow.mspx

    If you're looking for a better, more intelligent and easy-to-use browser, then we highly recommend switching to Mozilla Firefox (free download here: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/. This is the browser of choice for the majority of users who are a little more knowledgeable about computers and the Internet.
    Safari (the usual browser for Mac users) is also good and its new version for Windows also works fine with our sites - as does Firefox for Mac if you're using a Macintosh.

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  4. Are all your models over 18 years of age?
    Yes, of course.
    All of our models are definitely over 18, as prescribed by law.

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  5. I need to clear my browser`s history and cache. How do I do this?
    You may need to clear your browser history and/or empty your browser cache if you have been unsuccessful in trying to access the site or if you have entered the wrong username and password. You need to be able to log-in manually, so you need to delete your browser's "memory" to allow the log-in box to pop-up so that you can enter your (new) username and password.br>
    To do this, follow the steps below:
    If you are using Internet Explorer:
    Open up your browser. In the menu bar you will find a menu called "Tools". Drop down the Tools menu and select "Internet Options". A box will open up. Look for and click on "Delete Cookies" and then "OK." Then click on "Delete files" and "OK."
    It could take a while for all your history to be deleted, so please be patient. It may also be a good idea to restart your browser just to make sure that the changes you have implemented actually take place.

    If you are using Mozilla Firefox:
    Just click on "Tools" and then on "Clear Private Data". On the box that appears, make sure that "Authenticated Sessions", "Cache" and "Cookies" are ticked and then click on "Clear my Private Data Now", and that's it.
    Again, it may be a good idea to restart your browser, just to make sure that these changes have actually come into effect.

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  6. How can I cancel my membership?
    Due to security reasons we cannot cancel memberships directly. However, you could do it easily by visiting the subscription providers' cancel links here:

    CCBill cancel link https://support.ccbill.com in case of CCBill subscriptions
    EpochEU cancel link http://EpochEU.com in case of EpochEU subscriptions
    Zombaio cancel link http://support.zombaio.com/ in case of Zombaio subscriptions

    If you do not know or not sure which one could be the right one, then yous hould check your credit card statement, and you can find the name of the billing company on it. - You do not need to have all requested information, all billers require just two or three, which could be the username, password (the original one you choosed at signup), registered email address, CC number. These you must know.

    - If you tried the above and the site responded that it can't find the account, then it could be because of two reasons: 1) that is not the right billing company, or you already cancelled your account before 2) you put wrong details to their form.
    - If you are not sure which one could be your billing company, and you paid through credit card, then you should try EpochEU, Ccbill these are the 2 main credit card biller companies at us.

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Log-In Problems
  1. Username and password trouble shooting
    You want to log in and all you get is this: "You have entered a bad username or password". There are several common problems why you could end up here, for example:

    1- Your membership has expired.
    If you have paid for a non-recurring membership then you can run out from the active period without even noticing it. You can renew your membership by purchasing a new one. This time don't forget to subscribe for a recurring one, because it's cheaper and won't run out of time. Moreover it can be cancelled any time.

    2- You have mistyped your username and/or password.
    The easiest way to be sure about typing your login info right is using the copy/paste method. It works like this: you double click on the provided username with the left button of your mouse, right click on the selection and choose 'copy' from the dropdown menu. Then right click on the username field of the login form. choose 'paste' from the dropdown menu and there it is, ready. The same procedure goes with your password. If your browser asks you to remember your login info or not, check the box and the browser will fill thre login form for you next time.

    3- Login information is CaSe SeNsItIvE!
    Please check if you typed your login name and password correctly. The system makes differences between CAPITAL and normal letters.

    4- Check if your firewall setup is correct!
    If your firewall is not configured properly it can case conflicts during the login process of our websites.

    5- It can also happen that your account details are hacked or given out by other websites you have joined before. If such thing happens, the details go to a password database containing millions of user login details. Hackers try every match, and once they are successful, they're in, usually followed by a horde of people. In this case the account gets blocked automatically by our system and you will be given a new password. Every time a password change occurs, you are sent a notification with your new account details immediately into your mailbox.

    6- If you are a new subscriber sometimes your account is activated a bit later after you subscribed. This could happen if there are some network problems between the biller's database and ours. In this case you will get an invalid login message if you try to enter the site right after subscribing. This problem will solve itself automatically in some 10 minutes, so in these cases you just have to wait a bit.

    Please contact our Customer Support staff for further assistance by clicking on the "Submit a Ticket" link .We will reply to you within 24 hours and provide information about your membership status and current username and password.

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  2. Retrieve username & password
    Please contact our Customer Support staff for further assistance by clicking on the "Submit a Ticket" link .We will reply to you within 24 hours and provide information about your membership status and current username and password. Please include in your ticket your Subscription Id, e-mail and login this will speed up our respond
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  3. Why do you block my account constantly?
    Most of the time when your account info is traded, a password change occurs.

    We monitor the logins of various subnet IP accesses in 24/7 hours in case of an account. Normally, a person has only 1 subnet address from one location. Our system lets you enter from a few different places; this means we allow more than one different IP subnets to enter with the same account in 24 hours.

    With this, you are allowed to access our sites from few various places, for example; home, friend, job, etc.
    So if logins from different IPS exceed our IP limitation, we block the account and send you immediately an email with the new account information to the e-mail address which was provided at the sign-up.

    Actually, password trade is the most common issue why password changes happen.
    But there are other rare reasons. It might occur that your ISPs have a not usual internet protocol that changes the subnet range often. Some Japanese and Scandinavian ISPs do this. This is one reason why we allow more then 1 IP range for logging in.

    Moreover it can also happen that your account details are hacked or given out by OTHER websites you have joined before. If such thing happens, your login details go to a password database that contains millions of usernames and passwords. Then hackers try every fit, and once they got a match they are in. If they are in, then usually a plenty of others try to follow them as well. So the account gets blocked. To avoid such issues, we suggest you to use different login/password combination on each website you visit. So that if your username/password are hacked on other sites, no hackers can use it anywhere else.
    Another issue can be that your computer is infected with trojans. There is a pretty good tool to scan and remove them, it is called ad-aware, we use it frequently with great success. Download it from www.ad-aware.com and make a scan. You will be amazed how many spyware / adware / trojan is on your machine.

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Billing Issues
  1. Is my credit-card billed discreetly?
    Yes. All memberships are billed very discreetly under 'Epoch' or 'CCBill' depending on the billing processor you used during your sign-up. Neither the site name, nor anything at all to do with the content of the site is mentioned on your credit-card bills, only the name of the biller itself as above.
    Both we and our billers know that you expect us to respect your privacy and handle your membership to our site(s) discreetly, so this is exactly what we do.

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  2. How often will I be charged for access to the site?
    If you have purchased a recurring membership, then you will be billed regularly, depending on the type of membership you have purchased.
    - In the case of 30-day, 60-day and 90-day recurring memberships, you will be billed every 30, 60 or 90 days, respectively, calculated from the day on which you joined the site.
    For example, if you paid for your 30-day, recurring subscription on February 15th, your membership is valid until March 15th, when it will re-bill and continue to be valid for a further 30 days (until April 14th, because March has 31 days, not 30) and so on.
    - Our 150-day and 365-day memberships (and also selected 30-day trial memberships) do not re-bill, and you will only be billed once, when you join the site - never again. For example, if you have purchased a 365-day membership on February 15th, then your membership will be valid until February 15th of the following year, when it will expire, and you will not be billed again.

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  3. Access until the end of subscription
    You won't lose a day at your favorite site! If you cancel your membership for any reason before the end of the paid period, your membership won't be immediately terminated. br> You'll have access to the site(s) until the end date of your subscription.
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  4. I have an issue with the billing of my membership
    We can help you very quickly with all log-in and other site-related problems and questions, but if you have any problem which is related specifically to the billing of your membership, then you really need to ask the billing companies directly. You can reach them at CCBillhttps://support.ccbill.com in case of CCBill subscriptions
    Epoch http://Epoch.com in case of Epoch subscriptions
    Zombaio http://support.zombaio.com/ in case of Zombaio subscriptions

    Please do NOT contact the billers if you have a problem accessing the site, or with any of the videos, or with anything else to do with the operation of the site itself. They will generally NOT be able to help you and will refer the problem to us. This may add a few days to the time needed to correct the fault, whereas if you contact us directly instead by getting a Ticket, we will be able to help you within a maximum of 24 hours.

    If you unsure which biller you have used to join the site, try checking the Customer Support page of the site you're a member of. Log into the site, go to the support page and find the "membership cancellation" section - it should tell you which biller you have used.

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  5. Recurring membership
    If you subscribed for a 1 month membership, it will renew automatically after 30 days on a lower price. In this way you save money on every additional months compared to the first one.
    If you don't wish to continue your discounted price recurring for whatever reason, cancel at least 24 hours prior the turning date. Do not forget that it turns after 30 days, not 1 calendar month. If you cancel before the recurring date you'll still access the site(s) until the end of the period.

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Membership Cancellation
  1. I need to cancel my membership?
    Membership (Re-billing) Cancellation requests must be received at least 2 days before your membership renews or you will be re-billed for the following billing cycle.

    If there is a problem with your membership, please contact us and have us correct the fault before you cancel your membership. We are usually very fast to solve your problems and reply, so you may regret cancelling your membership later, if you haven't contacted us to ask for our help.

    We recommend that you cancel your membership using the link provided on the Customer Support page of the site you are a member of (you will need to log into the site and go to the "membership cancellation" section of the support page). The biller you have used to join the site will be highlighted and a link provided to their cancellation page, where it should only take a couple of minutes to cancel your membership online.

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  2. I dont want a re-billing/recurring membership - what can I do?
    You may only want a 30, 60 or 90-day membership and may not want to be re-billed automatically for more. What do you do? It's very simple!
    All of our recurring memberships can be cancelled very easily and quickly online without any loss. Your membership will remain active and you will have full access to the site until the end of the last (30, 60 or 90-day) membership period you have paid for. You can cancel your 30-day recurring membership the day after you've joined the site and you will have foll access to the site until the 30 days are up, at which point your membership will expire without being re-billed.
    You will find links to the cancellation pages of our billers on the Customer Support pages of our sites

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